A New Way to Do Sports! 

850 Elite Volleyball Academy will teach kids to be successful on and off the court. The "Elite" attitude is grounded in support, honed by hard work, and finished with cooperation.

We all want our kids to be successful. To do that, they must have communication skills, drive, and mental toughness.

Team sports teaches all of these. 850 Elite is a place for kids to find an additional support system outside the home to help them reach their goals on and off the court.

We have the top coaches in Okaloosa and Walton Counties, and we will use the Gold-Medal Squared System to teach proven fundamental volleyball skills (the GMS System has been used by the US National Volleyball Team and the US Olympic Team).

Our conditioning and strengthening programs are designed by physical therapists and orthopedic specialists, so players can maximize their fitness while minimizing injuries.

Club Director, Terri Fedonczak, a certified life coach and parent/teen communication expert, will teach players mental toughness, time and stress management to help them focus on the court and in school.

At 850 Elite we develop well-rounded student athletes, who will take 850 Elite skills into college and/or into the workplace. The skills Learned at 850 Elite will equip players to be better students and valuable employees. Because whether it's in school or in life,